Can you believe it’s 2020?
December 31, 2019
January 25, 2022

So…how’s everybody doing? Hanging in there, enjoying daily chats with Andy, becoming social distancing champions and meme-a-licious marketers. We’re all on this wild ride together. We miss you.

The board’s been debating our April meeting for over a week. We considered exploring a virtual “lunch ‘n listen” since so many of us are craving whatever social interaction we can find. But we also know several of you are in polarized camps currently on furlough, working odd hours from home, working more hours than usual thanks to staff cuts, and otherwise floating everywhere in between while time seems to be standing still.

We’ve decided to save the stress of tuning in for a meeting and instead provide you with some cute and trendy links that may put a smile on your face or strike a creative nerve.

For May, we’ve been planning a social media panel with local influencers from several industries. If we can meet in person by then, wouldn’t it be fun to have a Q&A session like we did a couple years ago with our media friends? Cross your fingers, click your heels three times and wish upon a star.

Stay smart. Be safe. xoxo,



A few things to fuel your creativity, hone in on the happy, and feed your social needs:

-Have you subscribed to The Daily Carnage yet? News, trends, things to make you smile first thing every day.

-Looking for virtual stuff to do around BGKY? There’s still planes, trains, and automobiles + yoga, live music, and Turbo cuteness. Thanks to our friends at the Bowling Green CVB for a constantly updated blog.

-Are you tired of hearing “unprecedented” like the rest of us? Try these instead.

-Let Nerdist show you how to be “that guy” with the best background in your Zoom meetings.

-The Andy memes FB group is strong.

-Our Kentucky Department of Travel is here to explain social distancing with the Commonwealth’s iconic symbols.

-Is Trey Kennedy your “work from home” twin? Or maybe you’re generally more of a Leslie Jordan like me?

In all seriousness, we know these are hard times and we just wanted to give you a smile break. Like Andy says, we will get through this together.

Call, text, DM, or email if you need us.


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