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January 12, 2017
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February 23, 2017

Get to know our PMA members through the Member Spotlight! This month, we feature Susan Esters, Marketing Manager for WKU’s Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO).

Susan Esters


PMA: What is your educational and career background?

Susan: I graduated from WKU in 1994 with a degree in Public Relations. I earned a Master of Science degree in Recreation and Sport Administration with a concentration in Sport Media & Branding from WKU in 2015.

PMA: How did you get started working for DELO?

Susan: I worked for the YMCA organization for 18 years, specializing in marketing, sales, program development and staff training for new facilities. My family moved from Charlotte, N.C. to Kentucky in 2006, and I began my WKU career the following year. I worked in the Office of Admissions, running the orientation program for incoming students, which was basically an event planning position and marketing position. My background was in public relations, marketing, and management, and I was interested in a position within a marketing team rather than student enrollment. I accepted a position within DELO Marketing in 2010 as a Marketing Specialist and promoted to Marketing Manager in 2013. I manage a team of six marketing pros.

PMA: What do you enjoy most about your role there?

Susan: The DELO Marketing Department coordinates all marketing efforts for over 20 DELO units and offices. Every day is different and involves a variety of projects, which keeps things interesting. But my favorite aspect of the job is getting to work with my creative, talented staff. They make my job a pleasure because of their creativity, dedication, and hard work.

PMA: Describe yourself in three words.

Susan: Friendly, creative, fun

PMA: What do you feel is the greatest benefit of joining PMA?

Susan: The greatest benefits for me have been learning something new from many of the outstanding speakers, as well as the friendships and relationships I have made with other marketing professionals.


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